Barcelona Zoo – the perfect day out

Monkey by mariosp

For those travelling with kids or wanting to get a break from the hectic city streets, look no further than Barcelona Zoo. With 2000 animals and a great location right in the heart of the city, a visit to the zoo is the ideal way to add a bit of variety to your trip.

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Since it was founded in 1892 Barcelona Zoo has been a leader in animal conservation and today houses a brilliant array of species from across the globe. You’ll be able to see the highly popular dolphin show, a giant anteater, komodo dragons, flamingos, along with numerous other animals.

Meerkat by Cdamian Elephant by cdamian Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo is famous for having housed the world’s only known albino gorilla, Snowflake, who died in 2003. However, partly as a result of Snowflake’s celebrity status, the zoo maintains a world-renowned collection of primates, including Bornean organutans and our particular favourites, the emperor tamarins with their distinguished whiskers. A visit to this zoo is all the more worthwhile as many of these primates are in danger of extinction. At the same time the zoo’s Doñana Aviary plays a large role in trying to repopulate Spain’s flagging bird population. Other inhabitants at risk of disappearing are the big cats – with the majestic Sumatran tiger a case in point worth looking out for. In total Barcelona Zoo is home to more than 400 species.

Set in 32 acres of parkland right next to the Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona Zoo is in a really accessible spot for tourists. The park itself is a real treat, with countless photo opportunities including ‘The Cascade’ a sumptuous fountain-sculpture constructed for the Universal Exhibition in 1888.

In many ways Barcelona Zoo is a hidden gem right in the heart of the city – it is only a 20- minute walk from Las Ramblas, and is easily accessible by metro, bus and tram. If you want the chance to swap the city’s man-made wonders for some natural beauties this attraction is well worth a visit.

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clockOpening Hours

Opening times: 10am throughout the year

Closing times: 1 January – 26 March 5.30pm

27 March – 15 May 7pm

16 May – 15 September 8pm

16 September – 29 October 7pm

30 October – 31 December 5.30pm


English Castellano French Italiano Deutsch Catalan

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese & Catalan.

euroPayment Methods

Visa, MasterCard and Ideal

Price: Adults 17.90 euros, Children (3-12 years old) 10.75 euros


Barcelona Zoo, Parc de la Ciutadella, 08003 Barcelona


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How to get there

Metro: Ciutadella/Villa Olímpica metro

Tram: Ciutadella/Villa Olímpica tram

Bus: 14, 39, 40, 41, 42, 51, 71, 92, 141, B20, B25, V21

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